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Support for the development of the strategic plan of the Association of Former Tuberculosis Patients (ASSAP-TB) in Benin

BENINFighting tuberculosis


The ASSAP-TB/BENIN association was created in 2007 and brings together patients or former patients with tuberculosis. ASSAP-TB has a seat on the National Coordination Body of the Global Fund of Benin (INC) and participates in the elaboration of funding requests, in the follow-up of the implementation of grants, in the definition of strategies, etc. It has a contract with the National Tuberculosis Program (NTP). Under the new Global Fund TB grant (2021-2023), the association will become a sub-sub-recipient as of July 2021. This grant will allow the association to intervene in a more important way in the department of Zou and potentially to intervene in the framework of actions against COVID-19 within the framework of the C19RM, for which the application is being prepared.  

Despite its important work with patients for many years, the association does not currently have a strategic plan or tools to facilitate its administrative, accounting, or financial management. The present mission therefore aims to enable the organization to better structure its activities, both internally and externally, to fully exercise its role in the fight against tuberculosis in Benin. 

Duration 08/2021 – 11/2021
Funding Canal 1 – L’initiative (Expertise France)
Beneficiary ASSAP TB Bénin
Budget 81 205 €
Country Benin

General objective

To strengthen the capacities of ASSAP-TB/BENIN in terms of management and governance to create a strong civil society, structured and committed to the promotion of health, the fight against tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases in Benin. 

Activities and expected results

  • Development of tools for administrative, accounting and financial management procedures
  • Creation of a comprehensive manual of administrative, accounting and financial management procedures
  • Creation of a human resources management procedures manual
  • Creation of a strategic plan for the 2022 – 2025 period, which includes a gender/human rights dimension

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