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SANSAS Project: Sexual and Reproductive Health of Adolescents and Youth in Senegal

SENEGALCommunity mobilisation and health promotionPromoting Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights


Senegal has relatively low sexual and reproductive health (SRH) indicators, particularly in terms of the realisation of sexual and reproductive rights (SRHR) for young people and adolescents (Y&A). Access rates to family planning and contraceptive methods are low overall, and rates of pregnancy, early marriage and gender-based violence are high, with strong regional disparities within the country. However, the country presents a context that is conducive to targeted actions on these subjects, with a relatively well-developed legal framework, although largely unenforced, an active civil society that brings together a wide range of actors, and several interventions carried out by the country’s Technical and Financial Partners (TFPs), which complement each other and which can be strengthened, extended and made to work together.


Duration of the project 4 years (February 2021- February 2025)
Beneficiaries Young people and adolescents, health and community health workers, community leaders, parents and educators, local and national policy makers
Source of funding mainly AFD, with co-financing from Unitaid, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg and Prodiversa Spain, L’Oréal Women’s Fund and BOA Foundation
Partners Solthis, ENDA santé, LARTES, RAES, Equipop
country of intervention  Senegal (Thiès and Sédhiou regions)



The SANSAS project aims to improve access to sexual and reproductive health rights for young people and adolescents in Senegal, in particular girls, young women and vulnerable youth.

This objective will be achieved by guaranteeing access to quality and appropriate health services and by promoting sexual and reproductive health education aimed at reducing gender inequalities and the violence that results from them. To achieve this, the intervention logic is built holistically around the supply of services and the demand concentrated on two targeted intervention areas to maximise the impact of the activities. The intervention will be articulated in school and out-of-school settings and around social and political mobilisation at local and national levels. The project’s approach is geared towards behavioural change, capacity building and empowerment of beneficiaries, especially young women and men, by involving their active participation at all stages of the project cycle. Gender-sensitive indicators identified by the operational research will ensure the impact of the project.

This innovative project, through its integration of operational research and the promotion of self-care, will make it possible, in particular through the transfer of knowledge, to feed the public debate at the local, national and sub-regional levels, in order to have a lasting impact on the DSSRAJ in Senegal and by extension, in West Africa.


Expected results

  • The range of SRH services in the project areas is expanded and better adapted to the needs of young people and adolescents. Its quality and access are improved and the skills of its agents are strengthened.
  • Young people and adolescents in the project’s areas of intervention have the knowledge and capacity to assert their choices and preferences regarding their sexual and reproductive health, reducing gender-based discrimination and violence.
  • Communities, as well as decision-makers at community, local and national levels, are better informed, sensitised and more aware of the needs and rights of young people and adolescents in order to influence the adoption of policies that are more supportive of SRHR and gender equality.


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