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In French-speaking Africa, the lack of a pharmaceutical drug production unit obliges pharmaceutical wholesalers (public and private) to import almost all of their need for drugs with risks of major defects in pharmaceutical quality. In addition, the absence of a national laboratory to control  the quality of functional drugs in line with international standards is a major handicap to the protection of the population and to the pharmaceutical  of these developing countries (DCs). Indeed, currently in Africa, six laboratories are pre-qualified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) but none are located in francophone West Africa.  In this region, the low control of pharmaceutical regulations exposes the population to the use of falsified or poor-quality medicines.

Since October 2018, the CHMP has launched in partnership with the National Laboratory of Quality Control of the Kingdom of Morocco, WHO and Solthis, the project CORAQ_Lab, which aims at strengthening the capacities of National Medicine Quality Control Laboratories to achieve the minimum acceptable standards for submitting a prequalification application to WHO. Funded by the Initiative 5% , the project will be implemented in 4 countries : Benin, Burkina Faso, Mauritania and Niger for a period of 3 years.



Launch: October 2018

Duration : 3 years

Countries of intervention: Benin, Burkina Faso, Mauritania et Niger

Funding Source : Initiative 5%

Beneficiaries: National Drug Quality Control Laboratories in the 4 countries.

Partners : CHMP, Solthis, LNCQM of the Kingdom of Marocco, WHO



The CORAQ_lab project aims to build capacity and put in place innovative management tools to enable National Drug Quality Control Laboratories (LNCQM) in Benin, Burkina Faso, Mauritania and Niger to reach the minimum acceptable standards for submitting an application for pre-qualification to WHO.

The achievement of this goal will be achieved through:

  • Strengthening LNCQM’s quality assurance organizational capacity in targeted countries
  • Technical capacity building of LNCQM staff in targeted countries
  • Support for maintenance of key technical equipment of the LNCQM of targeted countries
  • Support for the establishment of a LNCQM management system for targeted countries
  • Support for the establishment of a functional audit system within the LNCQM of targeted countries
  • Contribution to the drafting and submission of the Laboratory Information File (LIF) and requests for LNCQM audits to WHO and the correction of discrepancies resulting from the results of WHO pre-audits.

Solthis is in charge of training LNCQM of the Kingdom of Morocco & the CHMP (Andragogy, Training of trainers, Development of materials and pedagogical tools) who will be training the National Laboratories

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